Client: Woodblocker

Project: Website design & Photoshop realistics

Woodblocker is a one man business located in Athens, manufacturing 3D pannels for sound diffusion. These 3D wall panels are made of 100% organic materials, often using various types of recycled wood.

A clean-cut design so as the user can easily find all the information per project (materials, size, colour, weight etc.) & get in contact with Woodblocker for further information concerning the piece in which he is interested in.

All projects can be adjusted according to the dimensions and colour of the customer’s liking since every piece is unique and custom made.

A sound-absorbing panel in a room affects sound the same way that nature does outdoors. Our ears receive sound waves that have been reflected on various surfaces, such as trees, rocks, and even buildings. The different surface levels of a sound diffuser are designed so that a sound wave from any direction can strike and deviate evenly towards multiple directions. It creates a natural softer sound and a eliminates any echo. In this way, a room does not sound like it is deprived of audio life.